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Well, this is fun. Nothing like talking to a former escort, who apparently wants to shag your brains out. I know, I know, it's likely a ruse and she'll probably make me pay. We'll see.

(7:58:26 pm)HOT STUD:an escort huh?

(7:58:42 pm)jezebel:No hellos anymore?

(7:58:57 pm)HOT STUD:i winked at you a half hour ago lol

(7:59:11 pm)jezebel:hm...
(7:59:12 pm)jezebel:still

(7:59:23 pm)HOT STUD:ok then
(7:59:30 pm)HOT STUD:hi

(8:00:40 pm)jezebel:what's up?

(8:00:56 pm)HOT STUD:nothing...just another lonely friday lol

(8:01:27 pm)jezebel:yeah, happens to the best of us

(8:02:02 pm)HOT STUD:you weren't kidding about your legs, BTW

(8:02:18 pm)jezebel:haha
(8:02:20 pm)jezebel:too cute
(8:02:21 pm)jezebel:thanks

(8:02:44 pm)HOT STUD:so you are jezebel?

(8:03:24 pm)jezebel:i am

(8:03:33 pm)HOT STUD:and why are you are great?
(8:03:40 pm)HOT extra "area"
(8:03:46 pm)HOT STUD:argh! i am full of typos

(8:04:04 pm)jezebel:just a happy day with good weather

(8:04:21 pm)HOT STUD:no, why are YOU great

(8:05:16 pm)jezebel:i'm great because of that
(8:05:20 pm)jezebel:sunshine makes me happy

(8:05:49 pm)HOT simple
(8:05:59 pm)HOT STUD:so what was it like being an escort?

(8:07:50 pm)jezebel:i liked it a lot for a long time

(8:08:03 pm)HOT STUD:and then...

(8:08:53 pm)jezebel:then love happened at the same time i got involved with a company. well, that love no longer is, but i am still co-owner of that company

(8:09:11 pm)HOT STUD:so you like younger guys i take it?

(8:09:45 pm)jezebel:i'm perfectly open to the grasshoppers

(8:10:05 pm)HOT STUD:lol
(8:11:10 pm)HOT STUD:so what would you say to hanging out sometime

(8:11:34 pm)jezebel:tell me a bit about you
(8:11:40 pm)jezebel:what;s your idea of hanging out?

(8:11:50 pm)HOT STUD:getting coffee and talking?

(8:12:21 pm)jezebel:that would be fun

(8:12:41 pm)HOT STUD:where do you live, jezebel?

(8:12:58 pm)jezebel:heights

(8:13:53 pm)HOT STUD:ever come up to spring?

(8:16:19 pm)jezebel:never had a reason to

(8:16:45 pm)HOT STUD:hmmm...what about me?

(8:17:11 pm)jezebel:we don't know yet. i will probably play it lazy and have you drive to downtown or so

(8:18:00 pm)HOT STUD:i'll meet in the middle

(8:19:12 pm)jezebel:what do you do?

(8:19:47 pm)HOT STUD:editing/writing

(8:20:12 pm)jezebel:come on, be more specific

(8:20:22 pm)HOT STUD:i write and edit for a magazine

(8:21:53 pm)jezebel:so you got to be a smart guy

(8:22:03 pm)HOT STUD:i like to think so lol

(8:22:46 pm)jezebel:i like brains

(8:23:12 pm)HOT STUD:I'm no dummy

(8:23:47 pm)jezebel:you also have a nice athletic frame

(8:23:57 pm)HOT STUD:thanks
(8:24:04 pm)HOT STUD:i try
(8:24:08 pm)HOT STUD: i used to be fat

(8:27:30 pm)jezebel:you look good now

(8:28:38 pm)HOT STUD:i think i like you best with curly hair...

(8:29:18 pm)jezebel:aw... thanks.
(8:29:20 pm)jezebel:but
(8:29:27 pm)jezebel:i am without curly hair now
(8:29:33 pm)jezebel:and have been for 2 years now

(8:29:42 pm)HOT STUD:lol...that's OK
(8:30:05 pm)HOT STUD:what is your 5) *secret*

(8:31:31 pm)jezebel:hmm...
(8:31:36 pm)jezebel:i can't tell that yet

(8:32:42 pm)HOT STUD:hmmm...i have a dark secret too....

(8:33:27 pm)jezebel:we all have

(8:35:48 pm)HOT STUD:how mysterious

(8:38:22 pm)jezebel:my secret is that once in a great while, i still do the escort thing. one weekend a year, that's it

(8:38:48 pm)HOT STUD:that's kinda hot

(8:39:28 pm)jezebel:it's a nice way to get away from reality once in a while

(8:42:39 pm)HOT STUD:do you have escort friends?

(8:43:47 pm)jezebel:i'm friends with a few of the really important escort business people
(8:43:52 pm)jezebel:is that what you mean?

(8:44:02 pm)HOT STUD:no, like other girls
(8:44:15 pm)HOT STUD:girls you used to know etc

(8:44:29 pm)jezebel:ah... a few from back then. none in houston
(8:47:02 pm)jezebel:one is married to a politician in greece now.

(8:47:10 pm)HOT STUD:lol...awesome

(8:48:29 pm)jezebel:i know
(8:48:31 pm)jezebel:funny

(8:48:58 pm)HOT STUD:yeah i was just thinking that wouldn't fly in the US

(8:49:13 pm)jezebel:you are so wrong.

(8:49:18 pm)HOT STUD:yeah?
(8:49:25 pm)HOT STUD:you'd have to keep it a secret

(8:49:46 pm)jezebel:one of the girls i used to work with is now the wife of a young congressman in DC
(8:49:52 pm)jezebel:no kidding

(8:49:54 pm)HOT STUD:lol
(8:50:00 pm)HOT STUD:i love politics

(8:50:12 pm)jezebel:i hate it
(8:50:16 pm)jezebel:the guys pay well though
(8:53:41 pm)jezebel:ever been with an escort?

(8:53:52 pm)HOT STUD:nope
(8:54:37 pm)HOT STUD aying for it isnt my style
(8:54:40 pm)HOT STUD:i want to be wanted

(8:54:56 pm)jezebel:that's a good point

(9:04:05 pm)HOT STUD:decide where you want to meet...

(9:04:57 pm)jezebel:well, what are you looking for? be honest

(9:05:21 pm)HOT STUD:a girlfriend

(9:05:45 pm)jezebel:do you think i am gf material for you?

(9:06:17 pm)HOT STUD:why else would you be talking to me?

(9:09:34 pm)jezebel:you may just look for a lay

(9:10:10 pm)HOT STUD:if that was all i was looking for i would have done more than compliment you on your legs

(9:10:44 pm)jezebel:true

(9:12:17 pm)HOT STUD:but clearly I am attracted to you...i're not stupid...look at yourself

(9:13:17 pm)jezebel:are you saying you like a sporty tall blonde with 34c, long legs, flat stomach, and amazing sex skills?

(9:13:33 pm)HOT STUD:depends on the mood I'm in
(9:22:38 pm)HOT STUD:but generally, yes, my tongue hits the floor

(9:22:57 pm)jezebel:haha
(9:23:01 pm)jezebel:you're sweet

(9:23:18 pm)HOT STUD:you're saucy
(9:24:24 pm)HOT STUD:how many guys have filled up your inbox with "LET'S SHAG" e-mails?

(9:24:32 pm)jezebel:just 4
(9:24:36 pm)jezebel:i'm stunned actually

(9:24:40 pm)HOT STUD:i guess you've only been on here a few hrs

(9:25:01 pm)jezebel:yeah

(9:25:16 pm)HOT STUD:can I see them?

(9:25:39 pm)jezebel:them?

(9:25:46 pm)HOT STUD:the 4 guys

(9:26:32 pm)jezebel:nah... i don't diss people

(9:26:45 pm)HOT STUD:booooo
(9:27:06 pm)HOT STUD:any of them hot?

(9:27:44 pm)jezebel:one is. the other are below average

(9:27:53 pm)HOT STUD:show me the stud

(9:29:00 pm)jezebel:sorry. i wont

(9:29:07 pm)HOT STUD:no fun...

(9:36:10 pm)jezebel:i know
(9:36:16 pm)jezebel:i used to be unlimited fun

(9:36:24 pm)HOT STUD:i bet you are more fun offline

(9:36:49 pm)jezebel:why do you say that?

(9:37:15 pm)HOT STUD:because right now I'm a little bored

(9:37:37 pm)jezebel:you'd never be bored with me

(9:37:56 pm)HOT STUD:yup, you're a work of art

(9:38:56 pm)jezebel:you think i am that hot?

(9:39:17 pm)HOT STUD:the red dress pic is pretty amazing

(9:39:57 pm)jezebel:tell me what you like about it

(9:40:20 pm)HOT STUD:the dress is cut just right...not too short, not too long
(9:40:44 pm)HOT STUD:it shows off your shoulders and chest nicely
(9:41:22 pm)HOT STUD:i keep waiting for you to turn around though

(9:41:29 pm)jezebel:i wore no underwear

(9:41:39 pm)HOT STUD:lol, how wonderful

(9:42:00 pm)jezebel:let me upload the pic where i turn around in that dress

(9:42:18 pm)HOT STUD:awesome

(9:43:09 pm)jezebel:done

(9:43:26 pm)HOT STUD:mmmmm...nice
(9:43:34 pm)HOT STUD:i wish you'd smile, though

(9:43:51 pm)jezebel:the guy taking the pictures was naked then

(9:43:55 pm)HOT STUD:lol
(9:44:06 pm)HOT STUD:you let them take pictures eh

(9:44:50 pm)jezebel:if you have a 9inch penis, millions on your bank account, and are devilish gorgeous... you can do anything

(9:44:58 pm)HOT STUD:lmao...
(9:45:13 pm)HOT STUD:some women can't handle 9 inches so I would disagree

(9:45:39 pm)jezebel:i "dated" him for a few months

(9:45:44 pm)HOT STUD:lol

(9:50:19 pm)jezebel:thinking about all that stuff makes horny ...gosh

(9:50:36 pm)HOT STUD:all what stuff?
(9:50:49 pm)HOT STUD:the ways of the 9 inch man?

(9:50:51 pm)jezebel:talking about my body, these pictures, that dude

(9:50:55 pm)HOT STUD:lol

(9:51:21 pm)jezebel:see what 2 1/2 weeks without sex can do to you?

(9:51:26 pm)HOT STUD:hahahahahaha
(9:51:29 pm)HOT STUD:i've gone longer

(9:52:19 pm)jezebel:how long this time?

(9:53:03 pm)HOT STUD:the last time i got laid was april

(9:53:16 pm)jezebel:what the f...?

(9:53:52 pm)HOT STUD:ah wait
(9:54:02 pm)HOT STUD:it was july

(9:54:36 pm)jezebel:well...are you good in bed?

(9:55:15 pm)HOT STUD:i have no idea to be honest...

(9:56:18 pm)jezebel:let's figure this out: have you slept with a beautiful girl and did that girl come back for more?

(9:56:25 pm)HOT STUD:yes

(9:56:37 pm)jezebel:you should be good
(9:56:53 pm)jezebel: pretty girls don't stick around out of mercy
(9:59:52 pm)jezebel:do you want to hang out?

(10:00:35 pm)HOT STUD:i think i already made that clear

(10:01:03 pm)jezebel:drinks at my place?

(10:01:19 pm)HOT STUD:lol that sounds fun

(10:01:59 pm)jezebel:maybe i'll find the red dress
(10:02:03 pm)jezebel:no curly hair though

(10:02:09 pm)HOT STUD:oh no
(10:02:13 pm)HOT STUD:that just ruins it
(10:02:30 pm)HOT STUD:tomorrow evening then?

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