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Originally Posted by Shag View Post
I'm one level short of unlocking hardcore, but I imagine what you are describing is intended behavior. In COD4, you did not get any sort of kill confirmation (such as a points display, as in normal mode), which is likely the point. Hardcore takes away all the visual crutches of the game, one of which is those displays.

As for camping being a strategy, that's kind of BS, IMHO. Sitting in a corner and waiting for someone to run by you is not strategy. Moving slowly and tactically, finding good fire points that cover lots of ground or key contact points, working with a team to effectively cover each other - those are strategies.

I think a lot of people think if you're not running-and-gunning that you're camping. But, there's a big gap between run-and-gun and camping - that's the type of play that makes for the best matches, IMHO.
It's not "intended behavior" man, it worked fine on hardcore during the same games for me, but not for MVChiefFan. So it's not something that everyone's experiencing as "intended" once again. So anyone with actual knowledge rather than some assumption that's obviously wrong that could help out, that would be appreciated.

As for you saying camping isn't a strategy and it's BS in your opinion, try telling that to anyone in a combat situation. They're probably gonna say it's a good idea. They like high K/D ratios in the armed services I'm betting.

Sitting in a corner is a strategy, it's not what we do, but it's a strategy. Honestly, it sounds like you've been lit up by some folks sitting in a corner and you're just sour about it. That's cool man, it pisses me off too, but I work around it and don't police someone that chooses to play that way.
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