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Originally Posted by Shag View Post
Wow, what's up your ass? Piss off.

No badge/title displays on kills in that video.

Or that one.

And I can guarantee you nobody in combat sits with their back to a wall, waiting for someone to walk in front of them. Military TEAMS move as an organized unit, with a purpose.

I don't give two shits about campers - they don't bother me, and are easy to kill. And who's policing anyone? Play however you want - I don't care. Doesn't change the fact that camping is not a "strategy".
Apparently you do care how people play or you wouldn't have posted what you did. As for the videos, that's what my buddy is seeing, but the names and titles pop up on mine. So maybe my brother and I are the odd ones out on this as his pops up too. You haven't played hardcore, so your assumptions have no purpose in aiding what's going on here.

You're right, I highly doubt the military sits with their back to a wall waiting for someone to walk in front of them. But I guarantee they watch sight lines waiting for enemies to pass while having their backs watched by walls or corners or other soldiers and that's what MVCheifFan and I do but then get called out by douchebags for camping.

Maybe you and I have a problem in our definitions. And if that's the case, I apologize, but I don't take back what I said. What's a strategy in this game? It's an intentional way of playing, with a purpose. Even those guys that sit in a corner have a purpose for what they're doing. Ignore them, shoot them, I don't care. They're playing with what they think works for them, so they're using a strategy. But maybe you've got some other definition.

This stick up my ass is from people like you jumping on us for how we play. It's ridiculous to assume I'm gonna play like you. I don't jump down your throat for how you play, so don't jump down mine for how I play.
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