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The Chargers were all talking after today's 32-3 victory about Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels telling the Chargers linebackers, "We own you" as he passed them on the field during pregame warmups.

"I'm not surprised," Shaun Phillips said. "He's a little cocky (rear end). It's all good, all fun and games. We didn't look too much into it. As a coach, I hope he has that mind-set. But to say he owns us? I mean, you beat us one time. What has he really done in this league? He had a team 6-0 and now he's looking up at us from second place."

McDaniels said after the game as he headed to his car that the Chargers "talked to me first."

He then said, "I'm not making a story about this. If I did, I'd be able to tell you some things that aren't for papers."
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