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***2008-2009 Chiefs Planet King of the N00bs Final Vote Thread*** (with NSFW pics)

You only get one vote. It can't be changed later. It's a public vote this year by popular demand. Nominees are listed alphabetically. Simple rule to win......The poster with the most votes is crowned "King of the Noobs". If its one vote or 100, this vote is final. One poster has more than votes than the other two posters, we have a winner.

This poll will close on Thrusday at 12:44 pm and a winner declared. In the event of a tie, we will have another playoff poll between the posters that are tied at the end of this round.

No write-in votes, no other options in the poll.

All bribery, campaigining and any other attempts to sway the vote is encouraged and allowed. All pledged bribes and graft in the previous rounds of voting is not valid for this thread. All graft and bribes must be new to this thread. Previous promises of graft can be promised again here, but the prmoisee will no longer be obligated to previous bribes and graft.

Known bribes:

If BossChief wins he will provide $75 worth of beer at the next planet bash...if BossChief ends up doubling the second place votes, an additional $50 of burnt ends will be given to the planet bash.

If you refer a voter and they vote for BossChief you get $100K in casino cash.

BossChief is offering $350,000 in casino cash for every vote.

Skip Towne will positive rep any voter who votes for BossChief

Raised on Riots:

Every ROR vote gets $25,000 CS and 1 rep from Gonzo and $400,000 CS and 1 rep from Pestilence.

Phobia is offering $1.5 million in casino cash for every vote for Raised on Riots.

Mr. Flopnuts is paying $150K for the next 5 votes. posted 11:50 central time

Phobia will add a rep to future voters of RoR a mighty whack of the 14,345 rep stick.

The 2008-2009 King of the N00bs nomination thread:

Time to vote for the 2008-2009 Chiefs Planet King of the N00bs thread

Previous honorees:
2007 King of the Noobs = Crazy Coffey
2006 King of the N00bs = Bill Parcells (Now D2112)
2005 King of the Noobs = Fax

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