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Originally Posted by BossChief View Post
Did someone drop me a virus or something? Ive been trying to log on for a couple hours now and it just let me. If someone is taking this that seriously, so be it, but geez let god have mercy on your soul...
Well, it was a fun run and I got more support than I ever thought I could, so thanks to all who voted for me and especially to my lobbyists who worked tirelessly( and in some cases illegally )to try and get this old irritating n00b a victory.

Boss, you campaigned hard and fair, and your n00biness has payed off handsomely. I congratulate you on a job well done and I offer this small bit of advice:

You would be most wise to honor your campaign promises regarding beer and food. Gifs of awesome bew-bage are fantastic, but if you **** with these guys stomachs and booze; I can guarantee with absolute conviction that they will tear you a minimum of ten new assholes.

Great race, thanks to everyone, and All Hail Boss Chief, your 2009 King of the n00bs!

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