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I'm critiquing a Dlineman who's absolute highest upside isn't that high, it isn't like we drafted Mario Williams.
to be honest, nobody knows what his ceiling is.

As fans that haven't been in the weight-room with him, or running with him and can hear how he responds to situations, can't see how he interacts with teammates in the locker room or on the sidelines during games, in the film room... is fairly impossible to see what his ceiling really is.

As a player, he can be the type of guy that demands the double and makes the job of the SS and LILB and LOLBs jobs easier. If we add a quality pass rusher this offseason to play lolb, he should excel because of the dirty work being put in. He is a much better player at this point than he was in the first few games of the year and that shows me he is putting in the work to get better and that is all any of us can ask at this point.

He and Dorsey keyed a multiple championship squad in college. I am hoping that they both display character traits that will start to shine in coming years and that these guys behind the curtain aren't as clueless as some of the possible signs could be pointing to.

I love this team and still have hope that a long offseason under the same systems and with some hopefully bolstered talent to the roster can get us going in the right direction.
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