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Originally Posted by HC_Chief View Post
It's also 20+mill active Gold Live users; avg of ~2mil at any given time with peaks at 13mil concurrent. Live is a huge online gaming community.

PSN's largest number was 17mil total, and that included PSP players in the aggregate. On top of that, PSN account creation skews the numbers: don't like your "name", create a new account. Hey, look, Sony's PSN number just increased!

PSN has a long way to go. Frankly, I believe they should invest in the infrastructure and start charging as well. Live has free Silver access; PSN should provide a low-cost Gold service as well.
I didn't know you could create a new anything. I inquired about changing my name, and they said it wasn't possible.

I have no complaints about PSN at all. Games drop every now and again like with any online game, but I never have connection issues, extremely rarely do I see lag issues. The value that's being delivered for $0 cost is great.
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