Thread: Food and Drink 50 Beers to Try Before You Die
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Ommegang Hennepin
Redenbach Grand Cru
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale
Stone Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Old Guardian
Trumer Pils
AleSmith Speedway Stout
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Cantillon Iris
The Bruery Saison Rue
Port Brewing Shark Attack Red
Russian River Pliny the Elder
Russian River Valley Brewing Co. Beatification
Monk's Café Flemish Sour Ale

Ive had all these, probably some on the list ive had at a festival but was random

If I can remember, the ommengang, wasnt too good, not really a porter, not really a stout, just dark.

of all these, I think id go cantillon iris, too bad it goes for about $30 a bottle.
then maybe pliny the younger, the elder is a dime a dozen and shouldnt be on the list.

my favorite should be on here, oude guize
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