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Does Crixus and Sparticus survive? what famous figures did they defeat ? Where did they defeat them? In a whole did the slaves escape alive once it was said and done?
Spartcus had his own army and Crixus had an army mainly because they couldn't lead 70K out of Italy at the same time for logistically reasons. Crixus's army got wiped out at one battle and they rejoined lup with Spartucus later. At one time they had 70,000 soldiers and had fought to the edge of the Roman empire. Their goal was to go back home, for most Gaul and the Balkans. But for some reason lost to history instead of crossing over and going home Spartcus turns south and many battles and struggles ensue.

According to history, Spartcus was killed in the last battle in Italy but his body was never recovered. There were 35K on spartcus side in the final battle. 6K survived and they were all cruicifed and left in rows to rot and warn others along a main road of travel.

History treats Spartcus as an intelligent and great commander but it was his misteps when he turned back south that really did him in more than the Roman general Crassus.
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