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Originally Posted by vailpass View Post
Have you seen an official announcement about there being another season after this one? They say it on the fan sites but I haven't seen anything from the WB.
Happened a while back.
CW renews 'Supernatural,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 3 others.

February 16, 2010

UPDATE: When I asked a CW representative whether creator/executive producer Eric Kripke would return for "Supernatural's" sixth season, I got a three-word reply: "Yes, he's back."

UPDATE 2: I sent a note to "Supernatural" executive producer Sera Gamble when I heard about the show's renewal for a sixth season. I said I was happy to hear that the show would be returning, but I had to be a little cheeky and ask if viewers would be getting "The Apocalypse 2: The Squeakquel" next season. Here's her response:

"No, you will not be getting Apocalypse, The Squeaquel in Season 6 (that's hilarious)," Gamble wrote. "We're climaxing that story this season. We've been working on the Season 6 storyline for quite some time, and we're very excited about it. We have lots of ideas, and are grateful for the chance to keep the show going.

"Please tell the fans that the writers say thank you! We so appreciate the support."

Remember when Kripke said he had a five-year plan for the show? However, as he said last summer at Comic-Con, Kripke has re-thought that plan and has stated various times in the last year or so that he could see how the Winchesters' story might last longer than five years. And based on Gamble's comments, it's looking like we'll get a whole new story line when the Winchester return in the fall of 2010

(Update 3: EW reports that Gamble will be the show's day-to-day showrunner for Season 6, but Kripke will still be involved with the show and "working very closely" with Gamble and the show's creative team. I'm certainly interested to see where Gamble takes the show in Season 6, and given that she's been with "Supernatural" since Season 1 and has written many excellent episodes, in my opinion, the show's in good hands. By the way, it's worth reading Alice Jester's post on Winchester Family Business on this not-unexpected situation.).

So, my fellow "Supernatural" fans, the Winchester chronicles will get a Season 666. Wait, I meant Season 6 -- my fingers slipped on the keyboard. Or maybe the Devil made me do it?

Not on the CW's early-pickup list: "Melrose Place" or "Smallville." But there is a chance those shows, especially "Smallville," could get renewals later in the season (things aren't looking quite as good for "Melrose," but you never know). IGN's Eric Goldman recently talked to CW president Dawn Ostroff and it looks like a "Smallville" renewal is likely.

Also, the CW's "Life Unexpected" isn't on this list but I very much hope it gets a second season. It's a sweet show that you may really enjoy if you liked "Gilmore Girls."

By the way, I hope to post my thoughts on "Supernatural's" "My Bloody Valentine" soon -- sorry that review is abominably late. A weekend out of town got in the way of me posting those thoughts in a timely fashion.

The "Supernatural" and "Vampire Diaries" renewals aren't unexpected, but I want to hear your thoughts on all these shows. Are you excited to get more "Supernatural" or are you wondering how they'll top Season 5's Apocalypse? Are you digging "The Vampire Diaries" as a guilty, blood-soaked pleasure or do you think it bites?

Do tell in the comment area.

Here is the Tuesday release from the CW on the renewals:


Freshman Hit “The Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “90210,” “Supernatural” and “America’s Next Top Model” To Return Next Season

February 16, 2010 (Burbank, California) ─ The CW Network has given early pickups to five series for next season, including four signature dramas and the reality hit AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. All five shows will return in Fall 2010.

The series receiving early renewals include this season’s breakout hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, The CW’s most-watched show (4.6 million viewers) and the network’s number one show among adults 18-34 (2.5/8). THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiere generated the largest audience in network history for a series debut (5.7 million total viewers). THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has improved The CW’s performance Thursday at 8:00 p.m. by 114% among women 18-34 this season. The network also renewed fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, which will enter its sixth season next year. SUPERNATURAL has one of the most loyal audiences of any show on television and does heroic work in a perennially tough time period. It has improved over last season among women and adults 18-34 (29% and 8%, respectively) this season, a remarkable accomplishment for a fifth-year show. \

Also given early pickups for next season are The CW’s Monday night sensation GOSSIP GIRL, which is The CW’s number one show among its target demographic of women 18-34, and Tuesday’s trend-setting drama, 90210, which sees some of TV’s largest percent increases from DVR playback, nearly doubling its women 18-34 live-only ratings once live+7 data is included. Wednesday anchor AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL will also be back for cycles 15 and 16 with superstar Tyra Banks and new groups of aspiring models. TOP MODEL continues to rank second in the competitive Wednesday 8:00 p.m. hour among young women 18-34 (3.4/10).
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