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Originally Posted by Valiant View Post
ehh, if it were the last season , they would probably stay dead but since it is getting another session they need some characters.. The show is soooo good, hopefully it is not ruined by its own success ala heroes..

My dvr cut off so I did not see the preview only Sam under the streetlight.. I assume he and Satan somehow escaped.. And he is going to kill Dean's girl and steal the boy next season..
Well, since Kripke said he only wanted a 5-season story arc, and since he wrapped it up, next season will be taken over by another, and her focus is going to be more on "the brothers' relationship," then I highly doubt satan made it out.

See my post above: I'm guessing (like w/ Cast), this was an act of God basically resurrecting Sam, especially since he's the one who put Lucifer back in the pit w/o the global armageddon...
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