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Thank you.

As a beer hobbyist, why is there so much hate for my beloved Corona? Out here, it's a very common beer. I dont meet many that dont like it. but whenever i mention it on this forum, people act like it's awful.

I know nothing about beer. Just know what tastes good IMO. What is your opinion on Corona and why is it so disliked? Like i said, out here, to the average joe, it's a great beer.
You've fallen victim to marketing. Expand your horizons and start making up your own mind. If I tell you 2 dozen times a week that boar piss tastes delicious and post some pictures of sexy ladies next to a bottle of boar piss does that make boar piss delicious? Of course not. Ask Saulbadguy how he came from a beer hater to somebody who appreciates a quality crafted brew.
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