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Good timing with this thread.......

The wife and I left last Thursday for a golf trip to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Had an AWESOME time. 6 rounds of golf in 4 days. I'll post pictures when I get back......

Which was supposed to be LAST NIGHT.

Flying home, we get to our connection city (Dallas) to find out that our flight to STL has been cancelled due to weather, and the earliest they can rebook us is 9:35 tonight.

(After standing in line for 2 hours and waiting in line for a rental car for another 2 to the hotel about find a room with a double bed. ONE double bed. But it's better than the hundreds of people who were sleeping in the airport....)

So, we're stuck in Dallas, without our luggage. Got the clothes on my back, and my backpack full of electronics. If you see a guy with a shaved head wearing a red Chiefs T-shirt wandering through Big D today, say hi. Gonna try to make the best of it and go to Sammy's BBQ, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the 6th Floor Museum (JFK)

Hopefully things get back on track tonight. Nothing against Dallas, but I'd rather not be stuck here any longer than necessary.

Wish us luck......
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Well, did you make it back ok? Were you underwhelmed at the toilet bowl as lj4mvp suggested?
Great timing on this thread bump, Mrs. OTW58 and I were just talking about this trip tonight, as it was a 1st Anniversary trip and we just celebrated our 4th on Thursday.

We ended up DRIVING back to STL, because those ****ers canceled our flight a 2nd time. And there was massive flooding in North Texas at the time, so we had to take the long way - cutting across Arkansas and up I-55 from just outside Memphis.

IIRC the rental car fee was upwards of $400. AA gave us enough FF mileage to cover 4 round trip flights, so it could have been worse.
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