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I'm not sure where you see that others are basically saying the same thing, but we can have a vote when the league fills if you would like that will address playoff structure and also payouts.

I can see from your responses, that you must not have lost a matchup in the playoffs when you clearly had the better team and had one guy on the other team come out of nowhere and beat you in the playoffs.
Actually, I was the guy that squeaked in the playoffs last year and totally kicked ass to take the $ (LAST SEED). But if I lost I'd be ok with that too.

I'm the studier at the end of the season that does due diligence and get the most out of the Pierre Garcon's that'll play for Reggie Wayne, etc. I felt like I was highly rewarded. So it wasn't really a fluke I kicked ass since my competitive detective skills took over at the end of the season.
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