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Originally Posted by keg in kc View Post
Man, after a bit of a weird-feeling start, Supernatural is rolling again. That was an awesome episode. Not many series have supporting characters strong enough to build an hour around them, much less an hour that good.

CW had a hell of a night last night. Kind of wishing I'd left both of them on my DVR to watch again.
That Bobby episode was probably one of the best eps of the series, not just the season.

IMO, though, it kinda took a step back again last night, though still better than the first offerings of the season...

I don't know--I think part of it is the continuing drama w/ the whole good dean/bad sam thing. That was pretty much how the 5-season arc played out. Before 6 they talked about it basically being a new direction with stuff...instead it's the same ol' same ol', except now we have post-Lucifer Sam as opposed to pre...
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