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Originally Posted by Dante84 View Post
As long as we are grabbing rebounds on those misses, then its all good for me.

The fact that Mr. Mac is our most consistent rebounder is both impressive and disheartening at the same time. He's balling like Rodman; but with Judge, Kelly*, JHR, Asparilla, and Samuels, Mac should be 4th on that list.

Our bigs need to continue to increase their reb. stats by being more aggressive under the rim. We need to win those 50/50's. We need to win those 25/75's also.

We did a great job of it last night, and I think Frank will have them in full beast mode come conference play.
Gruds is our best rebounder because he has long arms, great hops and he gets great position. He's not afraid to mix it up. Not really surprising.
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