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I saw it quite differently. KSU will rely on Pullen/Sprads/Gruds and the three ball. Until Fredo get some real legs under him the inside game is non existent. I had great seats last night and Frank constantly ran sets for Wally and JAMSAM. But they never got the ball in the proper position. Always a few to far out. Frank was telling them to hold off the defender low and keep that good position. Many times, the entry angle was poor also.

Relying on the 3 is nothing new. However last year it was just Pullen and Clemente shooting 3's. There are one hell of a lot more guys shooting and more importantly making 3's. I had a nosebleed seat, so I probably couldn't see as much as you. But their post entry was pretty bad. But like last year, the bigs get theirs from OREB and hustle plays. It's early. Things will smooth out. But the offense is really not as bad as a lot of guys think. I think they are on pace to be a better offense than last year.

The whole "Duke and the refs" statement is ridiculous from KU fans. Duke plays great defense. They play hard and it's easy to see why they are everybody's favorite to make it back to the FF. They have great guards and great big men who can flash outside and drop the 3.

Why is it shit? If the refs allow physical play, advantage KSU. End.

Duke does play great defense but they reach A LOT. And they're not all that physical and I think will struggle with KSU's physical play. IMO, they didnm't play all that hard yesterday. Marquette really played terrible minus a little run in there where they kicked Duke's ass all over the floor for 5 minutes or so. KSU (I anticipate) will put much much more pressure on Duke. Duke may very well get back to the FF. But March is a long way away, and I think if the refs let them play, this game belongs to KSU.

And if you think KSU has an inside advantage, I'd like to know where you see the advantage.
Plumlee and Singler have more inside game in their pinky than anybody that KSU has. Duke should be a heavy favorite. And Jake may get his but as of now his scoring will be difficult as he is also the PG. He has to make the team go and carry the load. Difficult task. Maybe Spradling will hit a few again to take the pressure off.

Singler is good, but he's hardly a big man. He plays more like a guard down low. Plumlee is more physical than Singler, but much less talented. Marquette played him completely wrong. They had all sorts of backside help and wouldn't even try to work even a partial front. Plumlee had a career high yesterday. He's relatively strong, but Marquette played them nothing like KSU will play them. I really think the ball pressure and physical play down low takes the advantage away from Duke. Plumlee is a technique guy. He's not overly talented. KSU works to negate technique with physical play and better physical ability. This isn't going to be one on one in the post. If it were, Duke would win that battle. I will be surprised if Duke gets a lot of production down low. If they do, it will be on defensive errors, not dominating post moves.
See above. JMO. I haven't seen KSU play a lot this year, I could be off base.
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