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Originally Posted by SensibleChiefsfan View Post
The original post mentions the last two games that Cassel has played.

Interesting material. Even more interesting, the one that Cassel didn't.

To act as if any QB could come in and do well in this system because of the run game is ridiculous. The offense, led by Croyle, had 70 total yards.

While I would never tout Cassel as MVP... when you look at the disparity between this team WITH Cassel, and this team WITHOUT Cassel..... there, in fact, may be no single player that is more important to their team.

Now, one would have to have more than one game to assert that confidently. However, it certainly looks that way.
Yeah, except Cassel played as bad as Brody did last 3 times he faced the Chargers. Cassell is getting rep points based on things he hasn't done, not on what he has. Typically when that happens a huge step back is sure to come.
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