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Let me clarify: Cassell is getting bonus points based on how bad Croyle and the team looked against SD. The chiefs looked so bad everybody says, "Oh wow Cassel really must be good if the team looks this bad". He comes back into the lineup, the chiefs play better, and all the sudden in the minds of many Cassel's an MVP candidate. However, if you take a closer look at things:

A: The one time he did face the Chargers this year Cassel looked damn near as bad as Croyle did (10-25 ~60 yds)

B: He has improved but still in his last 2 starts Cassel has been very pedestrian at around 50% and < 200 yds passing.

C: Winning football games tends to make people overlook weaknesses.

To put another way, he hasn't arrived yet. If Cassel continues to play the way he did against Denver and St. Louis he will be nothing more than a mediocre QB. His improvements need to continue before he's worthy of the praise he's getting.

If he plays the next 2 games exaactly the same way he played vs Denver and St. Louis and the Chiefs lose I imagine the majority of this board will likely be ready to throw him under the bus again.
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