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**** you. Instead of being a blind homer who doesn't care win or lose, and cares more about what other fans are saying, why don't you try and be objective and give props when it is deserved, and critisize when it is deserved? I know I and many others on this board actually CARE about what happens when we lose, and want to see those problems corrected. Green has been inconsistent this year. He has good games and bad games. He had a very nice 4th quarter today. He threw the deep ball well today. Props to him. He's had other nice games. Props on those. Now do it again next week. I'm not here to kiss any millionaire's a$$. I'm here to cheer my team on to wins, and if they don't win, I care, and I want answers. When players play well, they get props. I call that being objective and caring. I do not call that bashing. Bashing would be ripping him after a good outing...
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