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Originally Posted by chiefzilla1501 View Post
Just saying that even though he has a 4-2 playoff record, he's only played real solid football in two of those games: today against a bad Chiefs' D and last year against an average Colts' D. He was shaky against Miami and Tennessee and horrible against Pittsburgh.

Not counting him out. This could be the year he puts it together at the right time. But historically, he's been a below average playoff QB with a terrific supporting cast.
Not saying Flacco should have been picked over Dorsey, that makes no sense to me. Just trying to put your comment in perspetive. Out of the previous four playoff games, Flacco was playing hurt in two of them. He had a massive deep thigh contusion that had to drained before each game ( hate it when that happens), but granted he pretty much sucked. But, just think Rapistburger registered one of the worst performances by a winning QB when he won his first superbowl.
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