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He Won't Kiss Me

I have been seeing a guy, for a while now. He is not my boy friend but we spend a lot of time together.
Problem is he refuses to kiss me. Don't get me wrong we have done everything else but kiss.
I'm 22 and he is 24, and he says he doesn't kiss because he did it so much in high school that he got tired of it.
How do people get tired of kissing. I'm desperate, we have had many arguments over the issue and I don't want to just go ahead and kiss him cause he obviously doesn't want to and I don't want to feel like I'm disrespecting him.
I feel we are in the movie pretty women except he's the prostitute and I'm just the girl, since he won't kiss.
What can I do?????
I mean is he just afraid of getting emotionally attached if he kisses me? or could he be BI.
I mean a guy at his age should be more mature about things.
Well please help this is really bothering me.

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