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Originally Posted by patteeu View Post
Get over yourself, Fritz88. No one here would begrudge the people of Egypt having a government that is genuinely based on individual freedom (except the Israelis, who would rather just kill all of them). But there's not a lot of that going on in the Arab and muslim world these days. It's perfectly reasonable to be skeptical and it's also perfectly reasonable to be concerned about what a contrary outcome would mean for our interests. F*** Egypt if it reverts to an alliance with anti-Western socialism or decides to side with anti-Western islamism.

"anti-Western socialism" = being against fresh new Israeli land grabs

Truth be told, Iran was an "organic" democracy." Initially, in the overthrow of the brutal and corrupt Shah, the Iranian people found leadership in a radical, but a radical less into killing than "expelling the impure," which is why our hostages were returned alive, as opposed to AQ's hostages, which usually get decapitated. Now, when Saddam invaded, the Iranians eventually fought hard and won, and pushed Saddam out, and did not do the "Israeli thing," take territory, even though Iran really was attacked by Rummy's buddy at the time = Saddam. Now, after Saddam was neutered by Desert Storm, Iran started to moderate, and its authentic and organic "islamic (Shia) democracy" produced Rafsanjani, about as moderate and pro-western an Iranian as the Iranian people could elect. The US had a "national interest" in helping Raf stay in power, but W was not interested in US national interest. W was interested in sukking up to Zionism, and the "axis of evil" was trotted out with our troops still "allied" with TNA in Afghan with the mission not yet accomplished. W betrayed Raf. Then W invaded Iraq, and planned to invade Iran to, something "pat" would be 100% too.

Then someone told the SUB HUMAN TRAITOR that invading Iran from Iraq would be to start a war against Iran ... and 60% of Iraq....

Yes, indeed, the US installed at the point of a gun "demockeracy" in Iraq took toothless Saddam and Raf and replaced them with these two...

h ttp://ww m/2008/WORLD/meast/06/08/iraq.iran/

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday tried to allay Iranian fears over a planned U.S.-Iraq security pact, saying his government would not allow Iraq to become a launching pad for an attack on its neighbor.
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