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Originally Posted by Jerm View Post
It doesn't matter if that's how he always fought....IT WAS ****ING STUPID...HOW HARD IS THAT TO COMPREHEND???

Jesus ****ing're such a nuthugging retard that you're actually trying to defend that or act like it was anything short of stupid.

And if I'm swallowing Jon Jones' cum as so eloquently put're taking full on facials from Fedor while jerking him off.

You have zero ****ing objectivity and act like your OPINION almighty truth when it couldn't be farther from the truth.

Go on now...go beat off to some Fedor Pride videos.
what looks like diving recklessly into a guys guard to you is not to Fedor. That's how stupid you are. That you, a guy with zero mat experience, is saying how stupid of a fighter Fedor is.

Think about that for a while while you chew on that bag of Bones Jones dicks.
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