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Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
#1 who are these people installing Flash on their Xooms that are not even out on the market yet??? Yes, there are hacked 10.1 files that POTENTIALLY will work on a Xoom or other Tegra based tablet but no one (outside of Motorola) has installed Flash 10.1 on a Xoom. PERIOD. So, NO IT IS NOT A FACT. It is in fact the opposite of a fact.
Why wouldn't you be able to if you could put it on other devices running the same OS? Isn't that sort of the point? And Motorola has put Flash 10.1 on a Xoom?

You're right. It's not a fact yet. I was wrong about that. But, when people get it tomorrow and put Flash on it, it'll be a fact

Now, you CLAIM that Flash 10.1 doesn't perform well on the Xoom... kinda hard to make that claim with ZERO, yes ZERO benchmarks done with it. They didn't bother with it because it was a dead-end...
I'm not necessarily saying that it would be the worst thing ever, but it's far from a stretch to say that an unoptimized 10.1 version would be worse than an optimized 10.2 version. Again, not disagreeing about it being a dead-end, just saying that they could have put it on there, but didn't (and for a good reason).

Seriously? #1 that wasn't the argument.. the argument was related to HTML5 adoption.. which is nowhere near the levels you were predicting... as a matter of fact it has barely gained any more adoption then it had at this time last summer.

54% of web video (as of 6 months ago) isn't bad at all. I can't find current numbers. But the argument wasn't just about HTML5 adoption. It was about an HTML5 site available for viewing on iOS *OR* an equivalent app for it. In fact, we had quite a discussion about the relative difficulty of tapping on a bookmark versus tapping on an app to access content. Don't change the parameters of the argument after the fact to suit your current point.

You seem to forget that Flash is not just about VIDEO, but many many other applications... I do think it will be less and less prevalent as time goes on... but we are FAR from there yet.
I don't disagree.

Flash 10.1 is a massive improvement with huge strides in hardware acceleration... ALL of which Adobe offered to work with Apple on and Apple flat out REFUSED.
On the Mac platform, it wasn't like that everywhere. There were still tons of issues with CPU loads and battery life on the mobile platforms, and these are well-documented. Is it partly Apple's fault with the APIs? Sure. But that makes no difference to the end user. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I'm not placing all the blame on Adobe here. I'm just saying that if something is on my mobile device, it better not drain my battery unnecessarily.
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