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Originally Posted by tyler360 View Post
I enjoyed the prequel very much.

I don't think it took anything away from the original story and gave a great history on the characters.
Agreed. Ashur fits a lot better to me now, on why he is still around if he can't fight (since he helped mug Vettius and kill Tullius) and also what happend that Crixus did to him to mess up his leg.

Will miss Melitta...she was fine.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and what happened with Solonius, that was answered well also. Kind of wish that there had also been some sort of an affair or near to one with Lucretia to answer his sexual attaction to her in blood and sand. They vaguely hinted he was gay NTTAWWT or something, but not why he is so hot toward her.
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