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Originally Posted by Simply Red View Post
I don't think that that's 'being a pussy' - I just now saw this thread. He's a great friend, if you actually reach out to him.

That's the problem with some of you, you never make an effort to know people while you ARE here, posting.
It's hard to get to know people personally when their responses to your disagreement with them isn't intelligent discussion but a profanity-laden tirade meant to put you down. Dane never took the opportunity to get to know anyone because he felt he was above anyone who didn't suscribe to his beliefs.

And just for the record....I like the way the Mods handle themselves here. Last thing I want is the heavy hand we saw on the Star board, and suddenly this becomes Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. This is our "Internet Sportsbar" and some will come and go that we like/don't like. But no differently than if you did this in a real bar, don't be surprised at the catcalls and verbal barbs when you loudly proclaim you are leaving.
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