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Originally Posted by kepp View Post
So if I'm just getting BFBC2 to get me up to speed before BF3 comes out, do I need the extra DL content? I may just save a few bucks and get the original version.
You should get BFBC2 for two reasons:

1. It's a ****ing awesome game.

2. You're going to need the practice for when BF3 is released. Like COD, BF is one of those games that has an extremely high learning curve thus for it really to be fun you need to be one of the better players. Since everyone is pretty good it takes really knowing everything about the game that much more important.

Usually with these games i suck for the first couple months and then get as good as most of the other players. But by that time my K/D is already ****ed so I end up with it hovering around 1.00...

I want to be north of K/D 1.50 for BF3. For that reason I think you should get BFBC2.
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