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Well Gentlemen,or ladies, lets be BRUTALLY honset. We are Never going to be worth a piss in the bucket with current ownership. He has proven that already. "Youth movement" my ass. Nobody wants to go watch a buch of just out of college kids play. SPEND some money. Get some PLAYERS, not these pretend to bes we have now. You have to spend money, to make money. I remember going to games in the 80s and EARLY 90s and the place was packed EVERY game. It could be that way again. Nobody wants to watch a loser 80 times a year at home. Hell we can hear that on the radio for free. One solution is to quit trading all the good layers off. Look at all the talent the Royals have supplied the league, its crazy. A few years back we were named minor league team(or something like that) of the year. Where are thoes guys now? Youth Movement huh? So I guess I can buy my Playoff tickets in ...lets say the year...2028?
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