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Okay, the Doctor's Wife was far better that I thought it would be. I think it was the title and the crap picture on Doctor Who Magazine that had me scared. This show should not have been called "Doctor's Wife," especially when much of the season revolves around River Song and this episode didn't deal with that at all. Perhaps, the "Doctor's True Love," would have been a better title. It would have been more apropos.

I won't give big spoilers until I'm sure everyone's seen the episode, but I thought it was pretty good. Sure, Amy and Rory were pretty useless, and there were many many silly things that amounted to mere stage dressing while the main story touched on some very significant points in Doctor Who history.

It was definitey great seeing more of the Tardis, and to get a chance to revisit the 9 & 10 era Doctors' "controll room." And bunk beds!? Freaking Hilarious!

There is some speculation that one of the voices heard in the episode is that of Paul McGann, Doctor 8, but I don't think so. I want to see McGann as much as anyone, but I don't think there was any reference to him in this episode.

Overall, Gaiman did a great job with the script. It was one of the most visually interesting episodes I've ever seen in Doctor Who. It had humor, wit, and even a few creepy moments, but more than that it was a truly touching episode with a ton of heart. I rarely rewatch episodes right away, but this is one that I can't wait to see again.
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