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Originally Posted by BigRock View Post
I started getting numb to the absurdities halfway through the episode, but the fact that Bennett Ahmed's wife had NO IDEA who she was talking to was some particularly inspired bullshit.

And I know its redundant to keep talking about the terrible police work, but now they've gone from being shitty cops to actually celebrating their shittiness. That scene in the garage where Linden discovers there's more gas in the tank than was noted -- information that would have been available to her since DAY ONE -- and she starts grinning and puffing out her chest. Dear lord. Just awful.

So are we supposed to think that Holder legitimately tried to frame Richmond and didn't think anyone would follow-up to make sure those traffic pictures were real? Or are we supposed to think that Holder would throw his entire career away just for the sake of embarrassing Richmond for a day? Because either way it's pretty retarded.

But I do like that Holder's plot to frame Richmond went something like "we'll ignore that the girl was found in one of his cars, basically drop him as a suspect, chase after janitors and teachers and terrorists, then magically dumb-luck our way back to Richmond, at which time I will lower the boom on him". He is to framing what Linden is to investigating.
lol, true on so many points...

The fact that the pregnant lady wouldn't know who Stan Larsen was is just ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that he was able to get that close to the teacher, hahahaha, no way.

And I'm hoping that the writing is saying that just getting Richmond arrested is enough to ruin his chance for office. Because to think that they actually wrote into the plot that Holder thinks he could get away with photoshopped bridge security pictures when the cameras aren't working at all is just laughable. I really hope they address this in the next season.

Didn't really feel like a season finale... More like just another episode. I still like the mood and some of the actors but the plot is getting to be way too much teh funneh.
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