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Is anybody watching "Touchwood:Miracle Day?" Ha! When I heard the lady at the beginning of the new show call it Touchwood, I haven't been able to call it anything else since! That was freaking hilarious.

I don't know if the move to America helps the show yet. I've only seen the first episode, but it's okay so far. It was a bit of slow set up, I thought, but it was solid. The tone doesn't have the cheesy feel of the first season, so at least there's that, but it does lack some of the charm of season two.

I'm not a fan Mehki Pheifer, but the main two stars are what is really important. The big new star is Bill Pullman. Some Hollywood stars cut way their age or hide it some odd way, but man... not Pullman. I'm all for the natural look, but that dude's face no longer looks the way it used to. Luckily it really works for his creepy killer/rapist character. He's almost too good in the role, and I'm definitely interested in seeing where they're going to take his story.
I've caught up thanks to your suggestions on Season 1. I actually liked Children of Earth quite a bit. It was uneven in places, but good overall.

Watched the first Miracle Day and thought it was alright. It was a lot of setup, now we'll see how they pay it off.
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