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Frankie, if you stop acting like you're smarter than everyone else while posting proof of the complete opposite, maybe people wouldn't laugh at you so much. It's nothing personal, man.

You honestly thought BossChief's post was serious? You didn't detect even a hint of sarcasm? When people started to make fun of your uninformed, sensationalistic claim in OP (which was obviously based solely on the picture), you made up an argument that didn't exist (the "indestructible" part). I'm trying to help you understand why people don't give you the credit you think you deserve.

The only argument I remember having with you was about your extremely selfish posting style (when you come back and reply post by post to a thread that has already moved on beyond that point) so I don't know where this whole "agenda" against you theory is coming from, at least as far as I'm concerned.
This is EXACTLY what he meant by arguing with half-wits.
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