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My son tested in the 99 percentile nationally every year in HS in ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). I don't know if this has much to do with his IQ but he is legit. He also forced me into buying him an ACT software to study for ACT. Much to his father's chagrin He NEVER used it and in fact didn't even study for the test that much. His score? 33, which I believe also ranks in the 98 to 99 percentile.

BTW he is far from a nerd. He is a partier and was also on his HS basketball team and a reserve on the Football team.

I say all this because there are countless people of high IQ out there who never amount to anything and I did not go there in this thread to boast about it. The subject developed because there are some absolute cave man idiots that we share this forum with who always try to look smart by "laughing at" others and personal attacks.

I don't feel any need to convince you or others, and frankly I don't give a 1 ounce **** if anybody is convinced. But since you are dwelling on it I'm telling you. Take it or leave it.
Not at all. I'm sure there's a chance that your son has an IQ that high. Your wife must be really smart.
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