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Originally Posted by KnowMo2724 View Post
You said a while ago I could take it off when training camp starts.

We never agreed on anything.

I made an offer to you that would let you take the sig down IF you quit with the DT bullshit for good.

That was a fair offer.

You declined that offer and chose to continue pissing on the grave of a player Chiefs fans will always love even after I decided to let you stay here after losing an agreement that you would leave the board forever if KC won more games than Denver last year.

YOU have to live with the lack of honor and thats worse than any punishment anyone else can put on your bitch ass.

There was a point where I made an offer to you that would end the sig once the regular season games started and you never agreed to that, either.

There was NEVER anything about taking it down once camp started.

**** it though, you obviously have absolutely no honor anyway, because you have taken it down before with no reason.

I used to think you were a good kid that was just positive thinking...the more I got to know you, the more I realized that you were a bitch, quitting honorless little pussy.
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