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Originally Posted by Pants View Post
Yeah, so it's pretty much Doom 3 with cars and awesome graphics. There are no RPG elements in the game. You don't level up, you don't get new skills, your stats don't change, there is no loot. You get to chose which rail you're going to take in the campaign and which ammo you like the most. That's the extent of choices the game is going to offer, right? Or is there more?
It's not an RPG, but has some of the elements.

gamescom 2011: Rage - One Hour Hands-on
Jan Steinhauser
August 21, 2011, 1:26 am

When it comes to first-person shooters, id Software is usually one of the first companies you think of; and rightly so. With Wolfenstein, Quake, and Doom, they not only created highly-successful franchises, but more than that fathered the entire genre that spawned fan favourites like Halo and Call of Duty. As a result, all eyes now rest on Rage, their newest offspring due in mere weeks. At gamescom 2011 I shot and drove my way through the first hour of the game and even though I only experienced a fraction of what the game had to offer, I can assure you that all the hype is justified.

In the year 2029 a giant asteroid called Apophis has crashed into earth and in that hell has broken loose. Most living things, as a result, have been eradicated. When it became clear that the looming apocalypse was on hand; equipment, data, and people (such as yourself) with special skills were stowed away in ďarksĒ to survive Apophisí impact and rebuild society afterwards. That didnít work out too well though and after awakening from cold sleep, you find everyone in your ark dead. So you stumble out into an unknown and hostile post-apocalyptic world where the few inhabitants have organized themselves in clans living by the rule of whoever has the biggest gun. Unfortunately, these people do not like you.

Unsurprisingly, Rage doesnít take long to toss you a gun and send you out to kill some raging Ghost clan. But itís much more than a linear and simple straight-forward experience like Call of Duty. While you wonít get lost in smaller fighting areas like the clanís hideout, you will spend much time on the vast over-world cruising in vehicles getting from one important location to the next. These locations include quest givers, shops, and the aforementioned fighting areas. At the start of the game, the world seems somewhat small, but Tim Willtis, Creative Director of id Software, promised that it will expand within an hour or so into the game after a handful of missions.

The world in Rage is not only large, but also--like everything else--gorgeous. Even though the rig I played on wasnít the most powerful one, the quality of the graphics was great and nearly flawless. There were only a few rough edges and those were hardly noticeable. And more importantly, the aesthetics are stunning and perfectly fit the setting and mood. If youíre not too much into sandy or brownish colours, the Wasteland might not be your favourite place, but I fell in love with it right away. The enemies are unique and not only do they have very distinctive looks, but also special weaponry and moves. For example, the Ghosts roll and jump around trying to get close to you to slice you apart while other gangs might prefer grenades, burning clubs or a machine gun mounted on a buggy.

But Rage is not only an awesome-looking shooter, itís also far more than youíd expect from the genre. As we all know, RPG elements make every game better (or so they say) and Rage is no exception to this rule. It doesnít go with the over-used implementation of a level system for perks, skills, or weapons, but instead itís basically all the other stuff RPGs are known for. You can accept or decline quests, find additional information or equipment by talking to NPCs, and can spend and make money at shops. This system is especially cool since you can obtain new weapons at your own pace. For instance, if you keep your money together and loot every enemy for coin and ammo, you might be able to afford the assault rifle fairly early in the game; or, you could instead buy a monocular as an upgrade for your pistol--the choice is yours.

Additionally there is the crafting system. While itís optional early on, Tim told me that later in the game you will be somewhat screwed if you didnít forge the right items. There are loads of schematics for everything from bandages to auto turrets and bomb cars. To make those, youíll need ingredients youíll find all over the world as well as on dead bodies. Since some of those are fairly rare, youíll need to focus on some of the schematics and by that influence your play style. For example, Tim doesnít like the cars, so he usually sticks to the turrets--theyíre easier to handle.

Iíve only played it for an hour, but I couldnít find anything I didnít like about the game. Rage is extremely atmospheric, engaging, and fun without the need for constant action and explosions. This was only the beginning though, so before I start really celebrating the awesomeness that I expect from id and Bethesda, Iíll have to play longer to delve into the grander world.
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