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Originally posted by Packfan

You claim that most people on this board are from out of town . . ..

. . .I challenge you on that. . .

. . .

End of story.
Although I never met DartGod, I believe living in Central and South America and Africa for the past 19 years, and calling Tampa, Florida my home qualifies me as from out of town. And no, Packbot, I am not a Band Wagon fan, I've been a Chiefs fan from the very beginning, and proud to say so.

If you recall, there was a thread (more than one I believe) dedicated to where posters were posting from. Pacbot, if you go back to those posts and have them read to you, you will notice that there are a great many posters from "out of town".

Originally posted by Packfan
I hate it when guys like their as s off on here.
Well, I guess yours is out there hanging.
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