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Agree it could have been clearer, but I think the swing vote was Opie. Miles and Kozik were called out when Jax and Clay were saying what votes they had and who needed to be turned. They needed one vote, either Bobby or Opie. Jax got the deal done. And the seeds of the club cracking are set with a Bobby/Clay beef, not Jax/Opie. Then there is the turn on who will get the gavel when Clay and Jax are gone, different promises were made by Pres and V. Pres. Pretty good setup for a season of internal conflict, it just played a little frantic and instead of being clear, it's open to interpretation.
yea, love all the internal infighting and lying going on.

Also find it interesting that Jax is lying to Opie about his intentions. Telling him he wanted him right there next to him when he gets the gavel.

So when will Jax tell Opie the truth? Hes got to betray Opie or Tara. Which one? My guess is, Jax stays with the club and Tara ends up leaving him.
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