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I read an article where the NY protestors contemplated his death and decided that he was an OK billionaire. This was because he contributed so much to our lives.

Another was quoted as saying that his gifts have given so much to people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to have access to technology.

He SOLD his technology. It wasn't a gift or a contribution. It was a transaction. He was financially reciprocated for his innovation.

When asked to sign the Gates/Buffett Billionaire giveaway he refused because he said he could offer more to the country by building a great company that would offer jobs and make people not need giveaway's.

I applaud this. I don't applaud a bunch of free thinking IT/mostly liberal leaning artsy IT types making this guy an icon while creating the most closed system known to computers.

Remember the 1984 commercial for the Mac? Orwellian? Does the Iphone tracking your every movement seem Orwellian? How about eliminating all competition so Apple controls everything?

The thing that turned me against Apple was when they ran the commercials that said,"You are an idiot if you dont buy our product." I owned a PC when the fat PC guy was made to look like a stooge. My choice was to agree and buy an Apple, or get pissed that this guy called me an idiot.

The PC wasn't that bad for some who wanted to post on CP, send some pics and email to friends and search the rest of the web. If you had that much of a problem with it then you were the idi... nevermind.

I still have a PC. When I took my Samsung Galaxy SII out last weekend 2 Iphone fans commented how great the 4.5" screen was. The 3rd guy just bought the AT&T version and commented that he was a former iPhone owner.

I have an axe to grind because I lived in SF when all of this Iphone hype started. I worked with all of the liberal, open minded/ open systems people who ignored the Stalinistic Apple system.
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