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need this in this thread. See these movies....they'll change your life

Wickedson's Definitive List of Bad Ass kinda Horror but more Brutal Movies:


the 70's
Cannibal Holocaust (The movie Blair Witch stole all their ideas from)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the one from the 70's)
I Spit on You Grave (tough rape scene but good revenge)
Last House on the Left (the one from the 70's)
Last House on the Left (the new one isn't that bad...rough rape scene)
An American Werewolf in London (a comedy but really good)

Oldboy (not really horror but one of my favorite movies ever...Korean)...if you like it there are two sequels
Ichi the Killer
Three Extremes
Visitor Q
Battle Royale

Lost Highway
Devil's Rejects
Hard Candy (you thought the little girl from Juno was cute...)
The Descent
The Ruins
Cabin Fever
Silent Hill
Dead Silence

French and/or Euro
Haute Tension (American release is called High Tension)
The Hills Have Eyes
Irreversible (the worst rape scene but movie is incredible)
Let the Right One In
Wolf Creek

Sci Fi Horror
Event Horizon
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