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Tried some new IPAs tonight.

Boulevard Double Wide IPA - It's been so long since I had this, I'd forgotten what it was like. I enjoyed it, but it pales in comparison to the Lagunitas.

Green Flash Brewing Co. (CA) Hop Head Red -- Red IPA. I didn't like it. Too bitter for me. If you enjoy reds, though, you'll probably enjoy it.

Green Flash Brewing Co. (CA) West Coast IPA -- Mediocre IPA. Not enough taste, and slightly acidic.

Breckenridge Brewey (CO) - Lucky U IPA -- Second best I've had all week. Not too bitter, with a good amount of flavor.

Can't really say that I LOVED any of them. Nothing like the Free State IPA or the Lagunitas (I seriously spoiled my taste buds with that one). Any of these are worth a drink, but I can't see anyone adopting them as a favorite beer or anything.
Maybe you got an old bottle of West Coast IPA? I've never heard someone say that it lacked taste.
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