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Originally posted by stanleychief

How ironic that the same can be said for about 90% of the people that WORK at retail stores.. If you are wondering why customers are cranky, think of they go through when they have to deal with cruddy salesmen time after time.

I've worked retail and I'm still a customer. Apply your statement to salespeople and you'll start to understand the consumer's point of view.
Its a 2 sided sword my friend, yes in every field you dont get the cream of the crop. and it does stink that retail companys dont pay there managers a decent amount and some of them dont train there people100% but such is life. customers come into a store thinking they own the place and they dont just go into a place and get what you want and get out, and yes if treated bad then go to the top but remember not everyone is as perfect as yourself? Thats why there is so many restraunts and other places if you dont like the one you were just in then go to another one, there is a WENDYS about 1 mile if that from me and they are very rude and my girlfriend went there tonight and got rude svc so i have a choice to make keep going there or drive say 5 miles to the other one or call there manager??
oh well allways remember that not any one is perfect and try not to excpect it and all will be ok maybe?????????

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