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Look at your post....maybe i should repost it for you...

I was just wondering if any of you had a good or bad day at a retail store? or work at one and have some info into why some customers are stupid and so on?????

And with that said i beat that you think the customer is allways right? no matter what and you should be treated like royalty? and if you arent getting your butt kissed by all associates then that is so rude.
Please tell me that you have yet to graduate with your atrocious spelling and puntuation....

Yes, I think the customer is always right...especially for the Associate...the only person who should try to reason with a customer and infer they might be incorrect is the Manager. Why?
Because in most cases he is the person best equipped to handle that type of situation. Most Associates are not prepared to handle situations that arise.

And FWIW, not all Professional athletes are courteous! Ask a few of the waitresses at your local tavern.

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