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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Talking numbers is fine, but I'd like to see Zenger interview multiple candidates and not rush into it on name alone. I think Leach would potentially be a good hire, but there are other coaches out there that I'd like to see them look at as well...
I'm not so sure.

Hiring Leach would be a home run for the program and instantly bring KU Football back to the national headlines (at least for a while).

It's hard to say wait it out in these types of situations. Once the first guy is gone things will move pretty quickly.

Leach is an excellent coach, has great recruiting ties in Texas, and has some "issues" that other programs may be a little weary of right now but would love to have him if his situation was different.

There are lots of good choices for Kansas. Leach is beyond good. There's nothing wrong with making a splash.
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