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Originally Posted by evenfall View Post
The idea that Fitzgerald would leave Northwestern for Kansas is amusing.

Doesn't it seem doubtful Kansas will have a huge monetary offer on the table for anyone? They just paid Gill to go away and they paid Mangino to go away two years ago. They can't give tickets away. It does not exactly seem like a program that is awash in cash.

They will need to make another Gill kind of hire, and hope they get it right this time.
WTF is with you people and the ticket thing?

Like has been stated a million times...90% of the schools in America don't do well when the teams suck.

Paying a coaches salary is a drop in the bucket when compared to how much the school makes when the ticket sales are rolling. This only happens with wins. Especially at a school where most of the fans dollars have to go to basketball games too.

Traveling to NYC and Maui isn't cheap.
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