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Re: AA & Valiant....

Originally posted by mmaddog

I don't seek respect from people who can't fathom what that truly is....and you two are poster boys for that.

I seek and get respect from my peers....people in my Industry that have worked hard to achieve what they have in life...not kids who still haven't learned what it is like to really have to pay bills, deal with family issues greater than "dad, can i borrow your car, 'cause I wrecked mine', or " damn, i can't go out tonight with Josie cause I got this monster zit on the end of my nose and the middle of my forehead"....

Come back when you get a real job.....

Aren't you wise beyond your years. Never wrecked my car. Nor do I have to worry about zits. You are just a bitter old man who is pissed off at the world for God knows what reason. The problems I have to worry are just as real as yours. You assume way too much. And just out of curiousity, exactly how old are you? I don't expect you to answer that either.
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