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Originally Posted by Braincase View Post
No, but I would see ESPN saying, "We're going to broadcast a few more Big Monday matchups that focus on Kansas State, Baylor, Texas, Missouri and Okie State. You're national games will drop by 50%".

How do you treat your business partners when they hire somebody that's suing you for a few million bucks?
BC, you're like a brother to me.

But this debate, brought on by a Fescoe tweet no less (and we know how wrong he is on most things) is ridiculous. If KU is the jewel of the conference, and they MAKE more money for ESPN than any other Big XII entity, they would collude/blackmail a university chancellor and the entire athletic department, in order to keep that university, which was giving away tickets and bleeding money, from hiring a coach that would instantly give credibility and energize even the crappiest fans (ari)?

I'm just not buying that argument.
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