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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
46.) La Dispute - Wildlife
La Dispute are a post-hardcore band who are sort of reclaiming the original intent of the emo movement. Iím talking about way back when emo was first applied to a subgenre of hardcore punk. Las Disputeís songs scoff at conventional song structure; there are basically no choruses on the album at all. Instead, each song is a carefully paced narrative, with the importance placed on the lyrics and vocal performance. I donít know the name of La Disputeís vocalist, but he has one of the most sincere and affecting voices Iíve heard out of this scene. His lyrics are always drenched with emotion, sure, but it is specifically his delivery that moves his audience. And you will be moved. Just listen to the song Iíve linked to, album standout ďKing Park,Ē which tells the story of innocent lives taken by stray bullets. When, during the songís crushing climax, the vocalist gives a repeated cry of ďWill I still get into Heaven if I kill myself?Ē you will feel desperation and fear right alongside the character. This album is one of the most genuinely moving emotional experiences Iíve had listening to music this year.

Wow, just wow. I've NEVER heard vocals like that before. I dislike most Post-Hardcore because typically the vocalist is just screaming his head off being a retard. I know because I've had the unfortunate circumstances of playing aside a lot of these bands in the Kansas City area when it was all the rage a few years back.

This kid reminds me a lot of Zack De la Rocka. He has a terrifying, yet mesmerizing voice... and an extremely odd way about going at vocals.

Instead of finding words that rhyme, or setting up certain structures... he just reads it as it is on paper and lets his emotion of tone do the talking. As a vocalist myself, I find this method easy and hard to do at the same time.

Lyric/harmonies/chorus structures are all a part of the writing process, and a lot of times make writing a lot harder than just jotting down what your thinking on a piece of paper and calling it good.
It's also easy to over-critique lyrics and change/mash them up multiple times until you feel something makes more sense/ sticks to the storyline / or removing easy to use words such as "I, we, you, them, etc". SO in turn, makes the process more difficult and time consuming.

This kid bypasses some of the most tedius things in vocal writing and just seems to sing word for word what he's reading... the thing is, he presents PASSION about his story, and as a listener... you WANT to hear how it ends. Which makes the last line of the song ****ing awesome. Because he didn't want to see how it ends.

As I listened, I thought about how awesome this vocalist could be if he went with a more traditional way of writing vocals, but at the same I loved what he did because I respect what it takes to do, and it is something that is new to me.

Although I'm still skeptical about listening to an entire album of this style.

Thanks for the link reaper.
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