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Saul Good

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Originally Posted by teedubya View Post
You are a dumbass... you can click the post number on the forum and it tells you how many you've posted, dipshit. But since you live here 24-7, I thought you'd know that, since you are so smart about everything.
Why would I ever want to know how many times someone has posted in a thread unless I had some sort of bizarre fixation? If I ever got that worked up about a rival fan's posts about Mizzou on a Chiefs board, I would limit my Mizzou discussions to a Mizzoucentric board or use the ignore function.

What I wouldn't do is continually check their post total so as to keep a daily posting scoreboard. That's just me, though. Don't take my advice. I was sent by the CIA to distract you from figuring out the truth behind 9/11, contrails, HAARP, stolen elections, jets that run on water, and the appeal of skinny jeans on men. As long as you're busy sobbing about some light trash talk against your revered Kansas football Jayhawks, you can't blow the lid off their evil conspiracies.
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